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About Us

Libby Amish Community is a spirit filled Amish church that has opened its doors to the body of Christ who are hungering for a family oriented church and community lifestyle. As a community that walks together and works together daily it offers many opportunities to both help each other and grow in an environment that requires greater transparency. Community and church are inter-related to the point that the opportunity to connect and fellowship can happen quite spontaneously.

The church/ ministry grounds are on a centralized 20 acre parcel of land where the meadow meets the mountain. The community is 10 miles south of Libby, Montana off of US Highway 2, on Farm to Market Road. Although the mountains are all around us the main body of land is a large open meadow in the midst of heavily forested federal and state lands. Families live around the perimeter of the meadow while others live on the mountain or in nearby outlying areas.

An expansion for the purpose of a church school which has a vision to eventually reach out beyond our borders is part of the near future developments. Our doors are open and we welcome newcomers from all walks of life. The church is the strongest organization in the community but perhaps not the most important. We emphasize family units to bond and find ways to be family. Godly parents are the strongest leaders in the community. Mealtimes are very important including noon meals after church service at the church. Other events are the regular worship/ prayer times on Friday evenings.

An 830 acre ranch was purchased by the Miller families in 1992 with the purpose of inviting families who share like vision for the kingdom of God. In 2000 a support group from Michigan moved into the Bonners Ferry ID area to start a community there. Much travel back and forth is common as intermarriage and business create a steady traffic flow between the two communities.
Businesses among other things provide income for a number of families.

The vision is to see the kingdom of God advanced in the earth and the body of Christ strengthened and renewed. To take responsibilty to walk together as a brotherhood both as an example and a help to churches and individuals. To share the gift of family, to take that mountain and occupy it; bringing this to the rest of God's people as an example of godly family structure. To bring reconciliation to relationships that heretofore have been unable to reconcile.

To share our inheritance from our European forefathers who risked their lives for the sake of the gospel and were offered up to die for their faith, leaving us with a history of rich faith that has often been unknowingly trodden on and overlooked. To discover the secret of their strength and bring this, with who we are, to the body of Christ. To restore to God's people His goodness that leads us to repentance and a lifestyle that impacts both believers and unbelievers.

The Amish people come from an Anabaptist background that traditionally adheres to the teachings of their predecessors; one who differed from his Mennonite counterpart and caused a division in1699 in the Mennonite church. In the early 1700s they reached American shores and settled their families in PA and OH. They have kept language and culture and have been unable to corporately unite with other faiths. Much of this stems from the near annihilation for their faith 150 years prior to their departure from Europe. So much persecution followed the Anabaptist people that their extinction seemed imminant.

Today there are no Amish left in Europe. Our challenge at Libby is to walk out with the help of the Holy Spirit a heritage left to us and see the restoration of all that has been lost through the years and join with the people of God as one to see the Kingdom of God come.

The following is our Statement of Faith:

There are basic truths about which all of God's people should be in agreement with. Concerning other doctrines there should be liberty. In all things there must be charity. We believe the bible to be the infallible Word of God, the eternal truth, for reproof and correction, for instruction in righteousness.

There is only one true God who is the eternal Head of the universe; Creator of heaven and earth and all that is therein. He is also the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Father of all mankind. HE is always past, present and future - one being in three persons, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. There is one God and one mediator between God and man.....

The Man Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2:5)
Jesus is the Word of God who was with God in the beginning- The name through which we come to the Father in heaven.
Conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, was baptized as an adult and found favor with God and man. He became flesh and dwelt among man on the earth. He was tempted in all things like we are and became victorious at the end of His life when He was mobbed and tried, found guilty under charges and condemned to die. He was scourged and nailed to a cross, was buried in a regular grave and rose again the third day by the power of God. He remained on earth 40 days and was translated to heaven where he sits today at the right hand of God and always makes intercession for us.
Full man and fully God; in Him we are the righteousness of God.

The Purpose of Jesus
He was sent from God as His only begotten Son that whosoever would believe on HIm should not perish but have eternal life. We believe that man fell into sin in the Garden of Eden and was cut off from God, deserving eternal punishment.
By the grace of God through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ we are saved from eternal separation form God.
He was not sent to condemn the world but that it might be saved through Him. His blood that He shed when He died on the cross is what saves our souls. This happens after we repent of our sins, believe on His name, and receive Him as Saviour and Lord. His death on the cross was a triumphant victory over the enemy and our old nature. We are baptized into His death, and buried with Him, so that as Christ was raised from the dead we too are risen with Christ to walk in the newness of life. He came to destroy the works of the devil. He came to show us the Father and to restore our fellowship with God.

We believe that no works of man will avail to approach a Holy God. Man's transgression separated him from God and the atoning sacrifice of Jesus is the only way whereby man is accepted by God. We believe that water baptism should be accomplished after commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is to signify our statement of faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus on our behalf. Upon this we will bear the fruits of righteousness otherwise we consider faith to be dead.

The Holy Spirit
In Acts 1 the disciples were instructed to tarry until they were endued with power from on high. We believe this same power is for us today. Baptism and the infilling of the Holy Spirit are to empower us to be a witness and for specific purposes. This is not essential for initial salvation. It is often followed by signs such as tongues but we believe that tongues are a gift and not a given when we are baptized with the Holy Spirit.
The ministry of the Holy Spirit is to convict of sin, to bring comfort, to reveal the Son of God, to show us the Father's love, to lead us to all truth and to empower us to live radical life for Jesus

We believe in a real heaven and a real hell- In the literal physical return of the Lord to rule and reign- those who have been justified by faith and have died will rise to meet the Lord in the air, those who are alive and remain will also be changed in an instant and rise to meet the Lord, and so we shall ever be with the Lord- A resurrection of the just unto eternal life and a resurrection and judgment of the ungodly and lawless unto death and eternal separation from God-
We believe eternity begins now and that heaven and earth are to become one. That Jesus will set foot on the Mount of Olives and reign as King of the universe- A restoration of heaven and earth, a millennial reign of Christ, where Satan is bound for a thousand years and will afterward go out to deceive nations before the cataclysmic end. ---------------------------------

Amish Church
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